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Meet Ella!

EllaElla is twenty-five years old and lives in an apartment in the city with her boyfriend. A lover of all things fashion, she works as a marketing assistant for a large fashion brand and in her spare time enjoys designing and sewing clothes. But her favourite thing of all is making outfits for Sparkle, her two year old poodle!

Ella first started hearing voices during her second year of university. She was so afraid of what she was experiencing that she didn't leave her house for a whole month; the voices would call her horrible names and tell her that her classmates were spying on her which was extremely distressing. During this time, she deferred her university studies as she was wanting to understand and cope better with the voices. She found a counsellor who she could openly talk to about these experiences; they would often spend sessions exploring the voices, their characteristics and understanding the meaning behind them. She also connected with other voice hearers through a hearing voices group. Through her own work and sharing and hearing from others, she was able to link the voices to her past trauma and unexpressed emotions.

Some of the coping strategies Ella identifies as most helpful are self-soothing and using the compassionate approach when speaking to both herself and the voices. In particular, she finds sensory strategies like using scented hand creams, smelling essential oils and cosying up under a weighted blanket help to soothe her mind/body and calm the voices. She also finds engaging in her hobbies and interests such as socialising, yoga, painting and listening to relaxation tracks at night are helpful strategies in keeping her well.

Recently Ella has been hearing just one, positive voice that gives her compliments and reassures her when she is feeling insecure. She now believes the voices help her to be more creative and know when she needs to express her emotions. She embraces the voices as she sees them as an important part of her life and who she is as a person.