​It is a patient’s worst nightmare when their surgery is cancelled at the last minute.

We recently conducted a survey of patients who had their surgeries cancelled and it revealed emotional, social and financial impacts on members of our community.


​Some of the feedback we received from patients included:

  • Family arrangements for care will need to be reorganised.
  • I was all packed and ready to go as on standby.
  • I was shattered.
  • Differing reasons were given for my cancelled surgery by the hospital and by the doctor.

Hornsby Hospital staff are now working on realigning our existing services to effectively reduce by half the number of cancellations.

The program is in the early planning stages but by reviewing surgical scheduling and discharge times we expect to see an increase in day surgeries that take advantage of improved surgical technology.

These changes are about getting smarter and more efficient and providing better patient outcomes while taking the sting out of elective surgery cancellations.

The fact is, patients who are healthy enough should be undergoing day surgeries that use the latest techniques, and be scheduled earlier in the day so they can be discharged home in the afternoon or early evening.

Our patients’ outcomes will improve because we can reduce risks like falls and hospital acquired infections, but it is also more cost efficient and ensures those patients who need to remain in hospital have access without delay.

The planning should be complete by July and a revised elective surgery schedule is expected to be put in place in the second half of this year.
The timing of the project will also benefit staff moving into the hospital’s STAR (Surgical, Theatres, Anaesthetics and Recovery) Building in 2015.

By implementing the changes in our models of care now, we can ensure our operating theatres will move into the new building with new processes already implemented making for a smooth transition.

These types of programs are all part of our overall plan to continue Advancing Hornsby’s Health.