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Date: Friday, 5 August 2016


When Tegan O'Brien fell pregnant her priority was to deliver her baby safely in an environment that suited her best.

Little did the Epping resident expect that Ryde Hospital's Midwifery Group Practice would be the exact care she was looking for and allow her to continue a family tradition of delivering her daughter at Ryde Hospital.

On 26 June, 2016, with the assistance of midwife Anna Bragg, Tegan gave birth to her 4.2kg daughter Rua.

Rua had officially become the third generation of girls in one family to be birthed at Ryde Hospital. Tegan was born at the hospital in 1985 and her mother Janette Catterall was also born there in 1953 by obstetrician Dr Swan.

Today Ryde Hospital provides a midwifery-led model of care that offer birthing with a known midwife for women with low-risk pregnancies.

The women are cared for throughout the pregnancy, birth and for postnatal care.

If a woman's risk level changes during pregnancy or the labour they are transferred with their attending midwife to Royal North Shore Hospital which provides a multi-disciplinary antenatal service.

"When I looked into it, Ryde Hospital just fit with what I wanted for the birth and being at Ryde was an added bonus," Mrs O'Brien said.

"I was really grateful that I didn't need to be transferred to Royal North Shore, because I really wanted to deliver in that space at Ryde.

Midwife Anna Bragg said the family history was not lost on her patient, but she too was delighted to be part of the latest family chapter at Ryde Hospital.

"Tegan had done her research and the care she wanted for her pregnancy and birth was at Ryde Hospital," said Mrs Bragg.

"In the end she had a wonderful water birth and a healthy baby girl."


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