Superfit Anna Swan was on a dream holiday in Italy when the unthinkable happened.

Riding bicycles with her husband Mark Echo on July 5 this year, Anna had a collision and suffered a brain injury.

Before the accident, Anna ran her own personal training business and rode her bike at least 40 kilometres every weekend, all balanced with her career as a marketing manager.

Three months later, Anna’s sheer determination coupled with access to a MOTOmed – a German-made machine which moves the user’s legs as if they are on a bicycle – means she is making steady progress.


​The MOTOmed – donated to Royal North Shore Hospital by the White Knight Foundation – helps combat muscular atrophy, poor physical fitness and poor health which can result from a lack of movement.

Mark said the MOTOmed had played a significant role in helping his wife get back on her feet.

"The MOTOmed machine helped Anna with her physical activity for both her arms and legs when she was unable to walk," Mark said.

"Her determination – and the MOTOmed – meant she was able to keep her strength and get up and walk much quicker than expected.

"Anna walked more than 170 metres in one attempt and is constantly pushing her limits every day.

"She is working very hard towards a full recovery."

Northern Sydney Local Health District senior neuroscience physiotherapist Sarah Giaccari said the MOTOmed had been a valuable asset.

"We use it in our group circuit class as one of our cardio fitness stations as well as for individual patient sessions," she said.

"For our younger patients like Anna, it has been particularly beneficial to provide an exercise which replicates a normal activity – such as riding a bike.

"This has been an incredible donation from the White Knight Foundation."

The White Knight Foundation was established in August 2013 in the wake of an unprovoked attack on Sydney teen Liam Knight. A 2.8m long steel rod was thrown, striking Liam, and piercing his skull.

Fortunately, Liam survived, but his long rehabilitation from brain damage continues.

For more information on the White Knight Foundation, or to donate, go to