​​​Update Email Templates for initial automatic reply and Send bulk email notifications to Requestors & Managers for Selection, Rejections and Approvals 

  1. Access Email Templates page and review contents of each email type.
  2. Review the automatic reply by viewing Acknowledgement response which is sent when an application is submitted. Update the Description and Subject field only for this. It sends email to the Requestor and copies the Manager and NSLHD-Innovation shared email address.
  3. After the system has sent initial email notification it will update the status to 'Notification Sent'.
  4. As the applications progress through the process, those can be updated to 'Reviewed' which doesn't generate any email notification.
  5. You can review all the submitted application grouped by the status to get a high-level view of all the applications
  6. You can edit all the applications in bulk-edit view (Excel-like) and export the applications to Excel if needed
  7. In order to send automatic bulk email notifications change the application Status to any of these values ('Send Rejection Notification', 'Send Selected for Review Notification', 'Send Selected as Winner Notification').
  8. Next you need to schedule the email notifications to indicate which email notifications should be sent out and when.
  9. Access Email Templates page and edit Your application has been unsuccessful, Your application has been selected for review by Innovation Program or Your application has been sponsored by Innovation Program) and only update these fields: Subject, Schedule and Description).
  10. The system will send the email notifications to the requestor and copies the manager and NSLHD-Innovation email address. After that it updates the status to one of these (Rejection Notification Sent, Selected for Review Notification Sent or Selected as Winner Notification Sent).

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