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Report on rural placement at Dubbo Base Hospital

​Click here for report Registrar Report on placement experience at Dubbo Base Hospital.pdf

The Dubbo term has certainly been a enjoyable one.

If someone is looking to work in a rural setting yet not be completely cut off from some city perks I would recommend dubbo.

Things I've found enjoyable

  1. We have the zoo - great place for a weekend to be spent..
  2. ok more practical stuff - the hours are good and no weekends (so far). Hope it stays that way. Although if I wasn't doing my exams I would have considered a weekend shift or two here and there
  3. As I mentioned I'm sitting for exams and it's really good to be in a quiet spot away from the big smoke and just study.
  4. We link in with the Bloomfield campus in Orange for case presentation and occasionally journal club so you're definitely not neglecting any training needs
  5. Wonderful bunch of consultants - and guaranteed weekly supervision
  6. Good exposure to indigenous mental health
  7. Dubbo is only 1.5 hours away from Wine county Orange and Mudgee and if you need your city fix its only 5.5 hours drive back to sydney
  8. Various financial perks like a scale higher in the pay grade. Every 7 weeks a return flight back to Sydney is provided (this is true)
  9. There are plenty of places to visit in Dubbo and its neighbouring towns. Great way to enjoy the county life while working in a enjoyable environment
  10. Last but not least. Your accommodation is provided, not the fanciest , but it's free and no rent for 6 months is awesome .


5 May 2015