​​​​​​​​In order to conduct human research within public health institutions, researchers must obtain ethical approval and governance authorisation prior to commencement of any research activity.


The Northern Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee (NSLHD HREC) reviews ethics applications for single site and multi-centre studies.

NSLHD HREC is accredited as a Lead HREC by NSW Ministry of Health and is also a certified institution under the NHMRC National Harmonisation of Multi-centre Ethical Review Initiative (HoMER).

Our staff have extensive experience preparing and reviewing submissions to the NSLHD HREC, and are able to provide advice and assistance with submissions to the Committee, as well as site specific applications for governance review at any site across NSLHD. We encourage all researchers wishing to undertake projects involving across the LHD to make the Research Office their first point of contact​.

We are currently accredited to review multi-centre research applications in the following areas:

  • Clinical Trials - Phases I-IV
  • Population Health and/or public health
  • Clinical Intervention Research (other than clinical trials)
  • Qualitative research
  • Mental Health research
  • Paediatric research

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval and Site Authorisation are required prior to commencement of research at any site.

Contact us on 02 9926 4590 for guidance and to advise of your intention to submit to the full HREC. 

HREC Operating Procedures

Click here ​to access the NSLHD HREC Terms of Reference.

The Standard Operating Procedures for the HREC are incorporated in the NSW Ministry of Health guideline, ​​​Human Research Ethics Committees: Standard​ Operating Procedures for NSW Public Health Organisations​ (GL2013_009).

If you require a statement regarding the composition of the HREC (for regulatory purposes), please contact the office.

As the HREC of a NSW Public Health Organisation, the HREC follows all relevant NSW Health policy which guides the operation and practices of the HREC and the Research Office. These can be found at the NSW Ministry of Health - Office of Health and Medical Research website​, or via our "Resources for Researchers" section.  

The NSLHD HREC operates under the requirements set out by the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC). All research involving humans must conform to the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018). For research specific to NSW, the NSW Supplement to the National Statement (2008) provides guidance for investigators with regard to the lawful and ethical conduct of research.

NSW Ministry of Health Information

The NSW Office for Health and Medical Research is responsible for developing, communicating, implementing and evaluating policies, frameworks and guidelines to ensure that ethical considerations are given proper weight in medical and clinical practice, and research within the NSW public health system. Further information can be found at the NSW Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR) ​website.​​