You are required to notify the HREC of changes to the Co-ordinating Principal Investigator (CPI) and/or the Principal Investigator (PI).


  • Please submit an amendment within REGIS. Investigators must also submit a CV every two years. Please ensure the CV is signed, dated and current.


To submit a HREC-approved change of CPI and/or PI for governance review please send the approval letter from REGIS with the completed Change In Personnel Form together with a CV (where applicable) to the Research Office via email to [email protected].

Changes to Associate Investigators or research co-ordinators, where the lead HREC does not require notification, should be submitted directly to the NSLHD Research Office using the Change In Personnel Form.

For any non-NSLHD employee (external researcher) intending to come onsite for the purpose of conducting research, please complete the Change In Personnel Form. and email it to [email protected] together with the additional documentation outlined in the External Research Personnel Information.

Please note notification of changes in associate investigators at private sites is not required, however, please ensure the Research Offfice is notified in the event there is a change to the study contact.