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Welcome to Child and Family Health Nursing. We are a free service for families supporting mothers, fathers and carers through their parenting journey. Following the birth of your baby, the first contact with us will be your Universal Health Home Visit. To locate and contact your local Child and Family Health Centre, please use the service navigation tool below. 

We are specialised nurses in child health, who assess physical growth and brain development from birth until your child starts school. The Personal Health Record or 'Blue Book' recommended ages for your child's brain and physical development checks are:

                               0 - 4 weeks (usually your Universal Health Home Visit), 6 - 8 weeks, 6 months,12 months,                                         

18 months, 2 years, 3 years and 4 years of age

The 'Learn the Signs. Act Early.' pre-appointment screening questions and the age checks can be found in the 'ages tabs' in your Blue Book. Contact your local Child and Family Health Centre to book your child's brain and physical developmental check.

In these website pages, along with resources for your child, there are also resources that support parents and carers. See the left hand navigation links that you can use to move between the different topics.

The Child and Family Health Service support families whom have English as their second language. Healthcare interpreters are available to be booked for all Child and Family Health appointments.

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Following the birth of your child, you will have been given a Personal Health Record or 'Blue Book'. This is the tool that the child and family health nurses use to work in partnership to meet your needs and address any parenting goals.

Any concerns parents may have, the Child and Family Health Nurses are able to refer you to appropriate health professionals while continuing to advise and guide you about the care of your child. For further information read about the Child and Family Health Extended Parenting Services.

 Contact Details for Adjacent Local Health Districts

If you reside in a Local Health District (LHD) bordering Northern Sydney LHD please contact them on:

  • South Western Sydney LHD - 1800 455 511
  • Western Sydney LHD1800 600 681
  • Sydney LHD - 9562 5400

Or use the NSW Ministry of Health Child and Family Health Centre locator map to find a Child and Family Health Centre near you.