Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time. ​

 Mini Moves FMS Activity Pack

The Mini Moves Activity Pack has been designed to assist Early Childhood Educators in teaching Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) to children (aged 2 – 5 years) in a fun and engaging way. 

The Mini Moves resource includes 36 activity cards designed for easy use by educators with no experience teaching FMS.

Mini Moves Activity Pack 







 Fundamental Movement Skill of the Week Whiteboard Planner

The FMS of the Week Planner can be used to help monitor the different fundamental movement skills practiced in services and to note observations and planned experiences.

FMS of the Week Whiteboard Planner

How to use the FMS of the Week Planner:

  1. Print the Planner on A3, laminate and fix it to a wall.
  2. Use a whiteboard marker to fill in the focus FMS for that week (or fortnight).
  3. Note planned experiences that will support the focus skill that week (or fortnight).
  4. Make observations to inform future program planning / documentation.
  5. Place a tick next to the FMS when taught, leave tick to show which skills have been practiced so far.
  6. Periodically check to see that all skills are being taught.

Fundamental Movement Skill of the Week Whiteboard Planner


 Screen Time - Monitoring Tool

​​Screen Time Monitoring ToolThe Screen Time Monitoring Chart can be used by families, with their children, over a one week period. 

The Chart helps draw parents' attention to the amount of time their children spend in front of a small screen.

Screen Time Monitoring Chart




 Fact Sheets

Healthy Kids fact SheetA range of Munch & Move fact sheets (some available in languages other than English) are also available. Topics include:

  • Get Active Each Day
  • Reducing Young Children's Screen Time

View, download, print and order these fact sheets at: (Munch & Move Fact Sheets)








 Fundamental Movement Skills

​​FMS in ActionFundamental Movement Skills are the building blocks for movement. They are the skills which children need to participate successfully in all types of games, physical activities and sports.

Help your children develop their Fundamental Movement Skills. 

Download a copy of the "Fundamental Movement Skills in Action" Resource: Fundamental Movement Skills in Action: FMS for 3-5 year olds  (from


 Newsletter Snippets

​​Physical Activity Newsletter SnippetUse Munch & Move newsletter snippets in your newsletter to highlight physical activity and reduced small screen time to families: 

Simply copy and paste the newsletter snippet images into your newsletters.

Physical Activity & Small Screen Time Newsletter Snippets (7MB)


Other text newsletter snippets are also available: (word iconGet Active Newsletter Snippets)


 Policy Template

​U​se the Munch & Move Sample Physical Activity Policy template to help develop a Physical Activity & Small Screen Policy for your service:

Sample Physical Activity & Screen Time Policy 
        (at - Munch & Move Resources)

Sample Paragraphs:

Physical Activity
Screen Time


 More Resources and Links

​ More Munch & Move resources can be found at: (Munch & Move Resources)