Health Promotion's Urban Planning 4 Health (UP4Health) project aims to increase physical activity, healthy eating and social interaction by advocating for the planning, design, development and management of healthy urban (built) environments.



Have a look at our latest submissions on local and state documents and plans:

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Type Our Latest SubmissionsDocuments
​Proposal pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Upgrade of East Esplanade Public Amenities
​Strategy pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Move Northern Beaches Transport Strategy 2038web link
​Guidelines pdf icon ​NSLHD Submission: Draft Compliance and Enforcement Guidelines 2018
​Rezoning pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Freshwater Village Car Parks Reclassification and Rezoning
​Proposal pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Narrabeen Pedestrian and Cycle Bridgeweb link
​Plan pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Crows Nest Integrated Station Development - Early Engagementweb link
​Plan pdf icon NSLHD Submission: North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2018-2038web link
​Plan pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Ku-ring-gai Community Strategic Plan 2038web link
​Plan pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Ryde Draft Community Strategic Plan 2028web link
​Program pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Northern Beaches Council Draft Delivery program 2018-2021web link
​Discussion Paper pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Northern Beaches Transport Discussion Paper
​Plan pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Willoughby Bike Plan
​Plan pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Northern Beaches Walking Plan
​Development Application pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Northern Beaches Council - DA2017/1287 19-21 Lawrence St Freshwater
​Development Application pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Northern Beaches Council - DA2017/1294 9&15 Lawrence St Freshwater
​Proposal pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Proposed Shared Path - Howard Ave Dee Why
​Masterplan pdf icon NSLHD Submission: Freshwater Coastal Open Space Maasterplan


The Evidence 

Up4Health is underpinned by a growing body of evidence which shows a strong relationship between the built environment and people's health.

The UNSW Healthy Built Environments Program (HBEP) Literature Review identifies three key built environment domains that support human health.

The built environment can:

  1. Support physical activity
  2. Connect and strengthen communities
  3. Provide equitable access to healthy food.

The project team review key planning and development policies and proposals and submit comments and recommendations. These submissions aim to increase the adoption of healthy planning principles and thus help create environments supportive of an active, healthy lifestyle.


Urban Planning 4 Health Guide

To support this activity the service developed the Up4Health Guide. This document provides:

  • a summary of the key areas that can be influenced in development proposals
  • key recommendations for letters of submissions
  • links to other documents and publications from which further information can be obtained.

UP4Health: Urban Planning 4 Health: A Guide for NSCC Population Health


Further Resources

Healthy Urban Checklist

The NSW Ministry of Health's Healthy Urban Checklist helps users provide valuable feedback to local councils and other agencies on health issues, in relation to urban development plans and proposals.

Healthy Urban Development Checklist

Integrated Planning and Reporting


The NSW Premier's Council on Active Living has developed a guide to provide guidance to councils (and other interested parties) on how they can promote community health and well-being by addressing active living and healthy eating principles and practices, as they implement, monitor and review their Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) frameworks.

The full web resource is available at: www.nswpcalipr.com.au


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