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Terms and conditions - Innovation program


a. Innovation Program: a district wide program through which funding is provided to support new ideas and existing projects aimed at improving NSLHD's health system, the patient experience of care and the delivery of healthcare services.

b. Initiative: A project or idea that has demonstrated value to the patient, staff and NSLHD and not requiring recurrent funding from this program beyond any amount awarded (i.e. staffing positions).

c. Awarded amount: monetary value provided by the Innovation Program to implement the initiative.

d. Successful Applicants of Innovation Program: individuals or teams awarded funding through the Innovation Program by the Panel.

e. Panel: A group of NSLHD executives who will provide over sight and governance to the Innovation Program.

f. Innovation Committee: The combined professional body of Panel members, Innovation Manger and Director Operations Improvement, NSLHD.


2. Innovation Program applications

a. Applications may only be submitted by Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) Staff and approved partner organisations and Non-Government Organisations, in collaboration with NSLHD Services.   If you are a non-NSLHD staff member, a confidentiality agreement will need to be signed before your project is investigated or implemented.   

b. All applications submitted for Innovation Program will be considered by the NSLHD Innovation Committee using the Innovation Program Screening Tool (attachment A) and their professional judgment and knowledge of the local context.

c. Innovation Program Panel reserves the right to select applications to progress to implementation.

d. Projects that include the development or trialing of products or services (including information technology products) that are in, or approaching feasibility testing stage for commercialisation and have been developed with a substantial contribution from a non-NSLHD entity will not be considered. 


3. Services provided for Successful Applicants of Innovation Program

a. Successful Applicants of Innovation Program will receive funds (up to the awarded amount), coaching and project management support by NSLHD as required to successfully implement the initiative. ​


4. Deliverables and reporting requirements

a. Successful Applicants of Innovation Program are expected to deliver the initiative within the timeframe specified in their application.

b. Successful Applicants of Innovation Program funding will provide regular reports to the Innovation Manager and NSLHD Innovations Group on the progress, spend and outcomes of their initiative. Timelines for reporting will be negotiated on an individual basis.

c. If Successful Applicants of Innovation Program have not within 12 months drawn on Innovation Program funding and provided a satisfactory plan to the Innovation Group detailing how and when the funding will be utilised and the project will be completed the awarded amount will be withdrawn from the winner who will no longer be entitled to any funding from the program.


5. Funding

a. Successful Applicants of Innovation Program will receive the awarded amount to be directed towards the initiative as determined by Innovation Program Panel.

b. Any funds and services awarded by the Innovation Program will be held and released with monitoring by the Directorate of Operations for agreed purposes only. 

c. If the service price is greater than the awarded amount, an appropriate cost center will need to be used for the remainder amount. If a cost centre cannot be identified to fund the remainder amount, the awarded funds will not be released and the winner will no longer be entitled to this funding.

d. Funds from the NSLHD Innovation Program Cost Centre will be dispensed within twelve months of winning Innovation Program.

e. NSLHD retains the right within its absolute discretion to terminate all or part funding and/or approval of any Innovation Program supported project at any time. 


6. Intellectual Property

a. All initiatives accepted into the Innovation Program are required to fill out a NSLHD Record of Innovation prior to implementation of the project. 

b. Any intellectual property created by NSLHD staff as result of funding provided by the NSLHD Innovation Program will be owned by NSLHD in accordance with NSW Health Intellectual Property policy.  If other parties are involved in the new idea or project, intellectual property ownership will be negotiated with those parties by NSLHD. 

c. Employees who are creators on Innovation Program sponsored projects may be entitled to a share of any intellectual property proceeds in accordance with Ministry of Health policies and guidelines on intellectual property (PD2005_370).​