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12 year old Grace fundraises for RNSH

Grace Green is only 12 years old, but her compassion and desire to help others shows she is well beyond her years in kindness.

Grace has spent her school holidays over the past three years volunteering with her grandmother Anne Green who also volunteers at RNSH’s Corner Shop.

As part of a passion project for school, Grace set out to raise money for RNSH’s spinal unit and for patients admitted to RNSH with eating disorders.

With a lot of determination and hard work, Grace has been able to donate an incredible $1000 in gifts to RNSH.

I hope that these gifts can make the lives of patients, their families and staff a little bit easier
12 year old volunteer, Grace Green

Grace said her motivation to fundraise for RNSH was visiting the hospital and wanting to help patients feel comfortable. 

“Seeing patients at the hospital made me realise that I wanted to do something to help,” she said.

Grace was able to present some of the gifts to the spinal unit at RNSH, which included a music speaker for patients to listen to music as well as a selection of games for patients and their families to play with during recovery.

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