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BreastScreen clinic opens at North Ryde

Women in the community of Ryde can now access life-saving breast cancer screening services closer to home, with a new BreastScreen NSW service officially opened in North Ryde.

Director of BreastScreen NSW in Northern Sydney Meredith Kay said the new clinic will make it easier for local women to attend their recommended two-yearly screening.

“Detecting breast cancer early increases your chance of survival while reducing the likelihood of invasive treatment, such as mastectomy or chemotherapy,” Meredith said.

Around 90 per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history and this is why breast cancer screening is so important for all eligible women
Director of BreastScreen NSW in Northern Sydney Meredith Kay

“A screening mammogram is one of the most important things women in this age group can do for their health.”

Minister for Health Ryan Park said recent planning data revealed the Ryde Local Government Area is amongst the highest projected growth areas in NSW for women aged 50-74 years.

“It is anticipated the new permanent site on Cox’s Road will screen approximately 5,000 women every year,” he said.

“Previously, women living in the area had to travel to Northern Sydney or further away for a mammogram or rely on the mobile van which regularly visited.

“This permanent clinic will improve access for the more than 4,800 women who live within the Ryde catchment.

“Having a permanent presence in North Ryde means appointments can be scheduled 5 days a week, virtually all year round.”

The new clinic has opened with one mammography room with capacity to expand to two rooms to meet future growth and demand.

BreastScreen NSW services are for eligible women with no breast cancer symptoms.

Any woman experiencing breast changes, like a lump, should see their GP without delay.

To book a mammogram with BreastScreen NSW, call 13 20 50 or visit BreastScreen NSW. No referral is required when making an appointment.

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