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Burns unit patient donates art work

He is a man from the bush who loves to paint. Bushy, as he is known by everyone, loves to tell stories of his ancestors and Aboriginal culture through art - which patients at RNSH burns’ unit can now enjoy.

During his eight-week stay in hospital after suffering burns in a fire, Bushy, of the Dharawal people, painted to occupy the hours and block the pain he was feeling.

The national park ranger has donated his art work to the burns unit for fellow patients and staff to enjoy.

Since I was painting, pain wasn’t a huge factor
Burns Unit patient, Bushy

The painting features Biami, creator of the universe and rainbow serpent, intertwined with the galaxy and one of the nurses, Molly’s, star sign Aquarius after she went to buy the art supplies for Bushy.

“This painting was helpful to shut off. I also painted for other patients and I painted my (plaster) cast.”

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