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COVID-19 vaccination program kicks off for young kids

Children as young as five are rolling up their sleeves and putting on a brave face to get vaccinated against coronavirus at Hornsby.

About 130 children a day are coming to the Hornsby Vaccination Centre to get the jab to help protect them against serious illness from COVID-19.

The centre started vaccinating children aged between five and 11 years old on January 10, and has seen bookings fill into the middle of February with demand high from parents wanting their children to be protected when they start school.

Eight-year-old Eva (pictured on the front cover) bravely had her vaccination and while it hurt a little, she encouraged her friends not to be scared.

“It hurt a little… like a pinch,” she said.

Nurses have been handing out stickers and lollipops to the children who have joined their older siblings and parents being vaccinated against the virus.

Nurse Unit Manager Alison Brown said staff worked over the Christmas and holiday season to keep up with the vaccination program.

The five to 11 year old bookings opened on the 10th (Jan) and we have been fully booked since.
Nurse Unit Manager, Alison Brown

“Some of the nurses haven’t worked with (vaccinating) kids before but they are really enjoying it.”

To book your child in for a vaccination or to book your booster, visit

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