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Carers’ Week celebrations

Celebrations recently took place across the district to celebrate National Carers’ Week 2023.

The week is an opportunity to raise awareness, recognise and acknowledge the 2.65 million Australians who provide care and support to a family member or friend. 

There are over 130,000 carers across the Northern Sydney Local Health District alone. The majority are working carers, balancing commitments of both care provision and employment. 

NSLHD Carer Support Service Manager Barbara Lewis said this year she encourages health staff to continue engaging with carers to provide positive experiences. 

“It’s essential that carers are included in the patient’s care journey so we can get the best possible health outcomes,” she said.

“We are always encouraging staff members to utilise the knowledge and understanding of our patients’ carers as this information is often so valuable to provide the appropriate care.”

NSLHD Chief Executive Anthony Schembri thanked carers for their enormous contributions across the district.

“Many patients and their carers are engaging with us when they’re vulnerable and may be stressed and overwhelmed by coming into an unfamiliar environment,” he said.

We should never undervalue the importance of a carer’s knowledge and understanding of the person they care for
NSLHD Chief Executive Anthony Schembri

“Engaging carers in the healthcare journey is critical to delivering good, patient-centred care.”

To find out more about Carers’ Week and ways to support carers, contact the Carer Support Service on 9462 9488 or visit their website or Facebook page 

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