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Celebrating our community nurses

More than 600 nurses work across Northern Sydney Local Health District providing care to patients in community health clinics, community centres and in patients homes. 

Nurses in the community were recently celebrated across the district for Nursing in the Community Week. Staff were recognised for their roles working across aged care assessment teams, child and family health, chronic disease community rehabilitation, community and home nursing service, health contact centre, intellectual disability and sexual health.

NSLHD Director of Primary and Community Health Kim Field said nurses in the community not only improve individual health outcomes but also alleviate the burden on hospitals and the health system as a whole.

“They do this with a holistic approach to care, community connections, and unwavering commitment to their patients,” she said.

“Care may include but is not limited to assessment of health and development needs, collaborative care planning and care coordination, health promotion and education, medication management, family partnerships, chronic complex disease management, palliative care and outreach nursing services. 

Nurses in community play a vital role in building healthier, more resilient communities
NSLHD Director of Primary and Community Health Kim Field

NSLHD Director of Nursing and Midwifery Claire Harris recently spent some time out and about with registered nurse Rosy Harper, a local community nurse from Northern Sydney Home Nursing Service. 

“Community nursing is a challenging and rewarding career, and my morning with Rosy gave me a window of understanding into the broad range of skills required for this role,” she said.

“Rosy is a highly trusted and respected clinician by the patients and their family members. The pace and variety of clinical care was impressive and a real eye opener for me of the scope of the role.”

Claire also visited Clinic 16 to meet the local sexual health nurses. 

“The team is truly remarkable and are all so engaged in their work and in ensuring the delivery of an exceptional service for our community,” she said. 

“I loved spending time with them to understand the model of care and the difference they make in people’s lives.”

You can hear from NSLHD community nurses working in Northern Sydney Home Nursing Service about what potential new employees can expect when working in community nursing by viewing the video here:

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