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Clothing packs donated to women in crisis

A not-for-profit foundation is donating clothing packs to Royal North Shore Hospital to provide to vulnerable women in need. 

The Betty Cares Foundation partners with hospitals and refuge centres to donate clothing packs with basic essential items to bring dignity and comfort to women in crisis. 

Royal North Shore Hospital Social Worker Jo Gammo said the clothing packs are a very helpful resource to have. 

“When women present in crisis they have come with very few of their personal belongings including clothing and often women fleeing intimate partner violence have nothing except the clothes on their back,” Jo said.

Women who have received a Betty Cares bag express significant thanks and gratitude
Royal North Shore Hospital Social Worker Jo Gammo

The foundation was founded in 2018 and since then has donated over 10,000 clothing packs through healthcare partners across Australia and New Zealand. 

Jo said the Betty Cares clothing packs are designed to make a difference to women in immediate crisis.

“Providing comfort and dignity in a moment of crisis is imperative and something a social worker would advocate for,” Jo said.  

“The women receiving the clothing packs may be victims of trauma, including sexual assault and intimate partner violence. 

“We see women who are in an acute mental health crisis, and women who are homeless. 

“We play a role in promoting the principles for integrated trauma-informed care and providing something as simple as clothing promotes their experience of feeling respected.”

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