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Clowning Around at Royal North Shore Hospital

Every week since 2005, Clown Doctors have been visiting the Royal North Shore Hospital to bring medicine through laughter. These dedicated individuals have been bringing smiles to patients, families, and staff alike.

The performers undergo rigorous training to work in hospitals, where they help engage children during procedures, calm nerves in emergency departments, and foster positivity during therapy sessions.

Under the umbrella of The Humour Foundation, an organisation of expertly trained performers, they bring laughter, joy, and connection to children’s hospitals and aged care facilities. The Humour Foundation is a national charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Australians. Its vision is to bring laughter and connection where is it unexpected, yet most needed. Founded in 1996 by the late Dr. Peter Spitzer, the foundation harnesses the power of humour therapy, backed by research highlighting its benefits.

“My favourite part of our work is meeting families and bringing some joy where it’s needed most,” said Dr. Quack, Clown Doctor.

Their impact extends far beyond the walls of RNSH. The clown doctors visit 21 hospitals nationwide, including The Children’s Hospital Westmead and Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, touching the lives of over 239,204 people in 2023 alone. 

International research and studies continue to prove the numerous physiological and psychological benefits of laughter to health and wellbeing. Humour is an effective coping strategy, relieving fear, stress, and pain, and has positive effects on the cardiovascular, immune, and respiratory systems. 

To learn more about the Humour Foundation and their programs, visit their website:

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