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Concussion Clinic helps Maddy navigate concussion journey

Twenty-two year old student Maddy Corbett, has always been athletic and has played multiple sports over the course of her life.

Last year, Maddy was confronted with a series of concussions sustained whilst playing AFL and rugby, which found her experiencing ongoing bouts of concussion symptoms.

Maddy began visiting the concussion clinic at Royal North Shore Hospital to identify treat and manage her symptoms.

“I was experiencing a range of different symptoms like dizziness, irritation, confusion, lack of comprehension and social anxiety to name a few,” she said.

“It had me really worried and I was really struggling.

“The clinic really validated what I was going through and offered me solutions.” 

Maddy credited the multidisciplinary nature of the clinic for the effectiveness of her recovery.

“Being able to receive advice from a neurologist, a neuropsychologist, and a clinical nurse consultant was extremely helpful,” she said.

They all offered me a range of solutions and I’m incredibly grateful for all their support
Concussion Clinic patient Maddy

“Vicki Evans, Dr Miriam Priglinger and Dr Vince Oxenham have been nothing short of amazing in my recovery journey.

“The clinic showed me a method that would fit into my daily routine which helped me recover much faster and return to normal much quicker.” 

Reflecting on her journey, Maddy encourages anyone who may be experiencing ongoing concussion symptoms to seek help and not suffer alone. 

“I would advise anyone suffering post-concussion symptoms to visit your doctor as soon as possible,” she said.

“There are services like the RNSH concussion clinic that can make a difficult experience so much better.” 

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