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Corporate leaders learning from our high stress experiences

Royal North Shore Hospital teams have hosted an event to celebrate an innovative partnership between the hospital, emergency services and the Macquarie Group.

The partnership has seen close to 300 Macquarie executives take part in a program where they’re able to see our high performing medical teams operate in high pressure situations and medical emergencies.

Northern Sydney Local Health District Education Co-ordinator Maura Desmond said the program has been running for over two years and is an important opportunity for everyone involved.

"The Macquarie Group leaders were so impressed by their experience that they each donated to the hospital, and all of the donations were then matched by the Macquarie Foundation,’’ Maura said.

"In total, RNSH has received $400,000 for training initiatives in both our ED and the Intensive Care Unit."

Macquarie Groups’ Stephen Lyons said executives from all over the world had welcomed the chance to be involved in what they described as a powerful, relevant and inspirational opportunity.

"One director said it was the most profound experience of his career," Stephen said.

One director said it was the most profound experience of his career.
Stephen Lyons, Macquarie Group

RNSH teams supported the partnership, with ED doctor James Milligan saying the program had enabled the emergency department to demonstrate the complex leadership and communication skills needed for a difficult resuscitation.

"It was interesting to see how relevant these skills were to the senior executives as well,’’ James said.

"The kind donations by the Macquarie executives and the Macquarie Foundation has allowed the emergency department to fund trauma and resuscitation education for nurses and junior doctors."

ICU specialist Jon Gatward said it had been a rewarding experience for both the executives and clinicians, while reinforcing the professionalism of the ICU team.

"When you are around high-performing clinicians all the time, you can forget just how impressive an ICU team resuscitation is. It makes you proud of the team when you hear all the positive comments," Jon said.

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