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Digital play s[ace for kids at RNSH emergency department

When physical toys were removed from RNSH’s emergency department (ED) during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff came up with an innovative digital solution for entertaining children who were visiting: an interactive digital play space.

The new space has a projector that creates a digital floor for children to play and interact with. The projected images on the floor respond to movement, with children able to kick soccer balls, pop bubbles, and make splashes in a goldfish filled pond on the floor. 

RNSH ED Clinical Nurse Consultant Alison Partyka said the projector uses software programs to provide an extensive range of digital effects using static imagery and video.

“The technology allows children to play in a digital world that appeals to their senses and emotions in what can often be a stressful and foreign environment in ED,” she said.

A second ceiling projector has been installed in a treatment room, and Alison said this provides a distraction to children undergoing minor procedures. 

“We can see how popular the projectors are, and children and parents have provided great feedback,” she said. 

The technology was funded by an NSLHD Innovation Program grant and by the RNSH Executive Unit. 

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