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Grant provides a new reality for patients

Round two of the NSLHD and NORTH Foundation Grants Program is now open, exclusively for NSLHD staff. This grants program is designed to support innovative projects which provide tangible benefits for staff, patients, and the broader community. 

A recent beneficiary of the program was the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital paediatric ward, who were able to purchase virtual reality goggles to help young patients.

Used as a diversional therapy when undergoing painful procedures such as catheter insertion and removal, blood tests and injections, the goggles help to take children to another world. 

Children can select from a series of short-form virtual reality adventures from colourful underwater scenes where you can follow giant whale sharks to world travel with gondola rides in Venice and African wildlife safaris with elephants and lions. 

Nine-year-old patient Olivia has wasted no time in making full use of the goggles, and has been able to see lots of animals through virtual reality.

“My favourites are the hammerhead shark and the lions. I just watched one on Ireland which was really cool, and I saw lots of animals, sheep and even a sheep dog!” said Olivia. 

The response from parents has also been extremely positive. 

Olivia’s mum Isobel said the goggles also worked well as a reward for Olivia for pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. 

With Olivia being in hospital for extended periods, it’s good to have some fun things to pass the time as the days can be long
Patient Olivia's mother, Isobel

Grants can go a long way into making a huge difference in the lives of patients and their families, and staff have the opportunity submit applications again this year.

Applications will be be reviewed by the NORTH Foundation and the funding advisory committee, with grants awarded to the strongest submissions.

Applications close on Sunday 30 July at 11.59 pm.

To apply, visit the NORTH Foundation Grants Page at

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