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HomeNewsHornsby Hospital’s Haemodialysis Unit implements water recycling initiative

Hornsby Hospital’s Haemodialysis Unit implements water recycling initiative

The haemodialysis unit at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital (HKH) has began recycling water to help reduce water wastage. 

Dialysis treatments require ultra-pure water that is created by a process called reverse osmosis. 

Reverse osmosis contaminants are removed from water by pushing it through a semi permeable membrane. 

The decontaminated water is then used in dialysis treatments, while the leftover water is often sent down the drain.

The unit has now introduced a way to reclaim this leftover water. 

A 10,000 litre tank captures and stores the water so some of it can be used for irrigation across the site.

Approximately 1200 litres of recycled water from dialysis treatments at HKH is deposited into the tank per day. 

HKH Engineer Lucas Woodford said the hospital aims to be environmentally sustainable and it’s great that the water can be reclaimed for other uses.

“We have installed hose taps which we use for external washing of paths and buildings across the hospital,” he said.

“The recycled water also helps water garden beds and plants.”

“We will be continuing to see what other uses we can put any excess recycled water to across the campus in the future.” 

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