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Hornsby school student donates copies of first book

When 10-year-old Ines Lai penned My Magic Mirror, she thought it would make a good addition to the Children’s Ward at Hornsby Hospital. 

The local student said she hoped the book, which focusses on overcoming adversity, might help children who are patients and may be feeling down or daunted.

“The reason I donated some copies to the Children’s Ward is because I believe that my book can resonate with people who have trouble doing something,” she said.

I hope my book will show them that anything is possible, and you’re not too young to have big dreams, because anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.
Author Ines Lai

The book follows Amber Orolla, who accidentally travels to a faraway land, in the year of 3000. 

Amber makes friends, has exciting journeys and gains her confidence during her adventures, and soon she realizes that anything is possible.

My Magic Mirror was warmly received by Children’s Ward Nurse Unit Manager Louise Robinson who said it was particularly relevant after the challenges of the pandemic.

“We were very impressed with Ines’ book which was all about dealing with obstacles, something that everyone has had to deal with over the past year and a half with COVID,” she said.

“Her attention to detail with her pictures was fantastic. A great effort overall and I think the children in the ward will love reading it. She should be very proud of her efforts.”

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