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HomeNewsHusband and wife serve RNSH for close to 40 years

Husband and wife serve RNSH for close to 40 years

After coming to Australia as an Afghani refugee, Naser Razi has spent the past 36 years working at Royal North Shore Hospital alongside his wife Afifi.

Starting in the spinal unit, Naser moved to aged care where he served as a driver and technical assistant for two decades. Meanwhile his wife has worked at the RNSH childcare centre for the past 31 years.

Having left an incredible legacy on the patients and his colleagues, Naser is retiring, looking forward to spending time in his garden and writing.

“I loved working with a team of highly skilled, highly qualified, professionals across both spinal unit, aged care and others,”

“It made the working days more engaging and fulfilling. Along the way, there have been specific moments of achievement like moving to a better position or skilling up, but overall, the standout is the great people we have worked with.”

Naser was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and studied political science and law at Tehran University before war broke out between Iran and Iraq. He and his wife Afifa fled to Australia, where they started their family.

When he hasn’t been at work, Naser is a respected elder in the Afghani community in Sydney. He writes a fortnightly column for a US-based Afghani paper.
RNSH geriatrician Dr Sue Ogle said Naser and Afifa had provided an amazing service to the hospital.

“We wish you a happy retirement. We know you’ll be busy writing articles and working in your garden. Thank you again for being part of the aged care team.”

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