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Investment in research pipeline

A collection of up-and-coming research leaders will have the chance to travel and extend their professional development thanks to an injection of funds from the RNSH Scientific Staff Council.

The council has awarded 11 grants to scientists working within the district and the Kolling Institute.

The group of young leaders is driving research into cancer, chronic pain, and heart disease, as well as gynaecology, spinal cord injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

Their work is helping to broaden our understanding of these complex conditions, and importantly, improve long term health outcomes.

The funding will go to cancer researchers Lionel Leck, Bilal Malik and Josef Gillson, pain researchers Karin Aubrey and Alessandra Marcelo, and gynaecology investigator Helena Obermair.

Funding will also go to musculoskeletal researchers Xiaoqian and Elham Vafa, heart disease scientist Weiqian Lee, physics specialist Danielle Chrystall and neuro psychology investigator Ilaria Pozzato, who is driving some innovative research into spinal cord injuries.  

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