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Kolling researchers recognised on the world stage

In a sign of the expertise across the Kolling Institute, more than a dozen researchers have been profiled in an international study recognising the world’s best.

Published by Stanford University, the study has identified the top two per cent of researchers in the world across individual fields. 

The study is based on metrics from Scopus, a database of peer-reviewed literature including scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

Researchers were ranked on standardised information including citations, h-index, authorship positions and a composite indicator.

A total of 15 researchers from the Kolling have been highlighted in the study, demonstrating the unique experience across the institute.

Kolling Institute Governance Committee Chair Michael Nugent said the results are an indication of the ground-breaking scientific progress we’re making, and the tangible impact we’re having on healthcare models of care and quality of life. 

“Importantly, this impact is benefitting communities on a national and international scale,” he said.

“I would like to acknowledge the following outstanding group of researchers, who all have an unrelenting commitment to improving the care we receive.”

• Professor Rob Baxter (AM) - Breast Cancer Research
• Professor Ian Cameron  - John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research
• Professor Ashley Craig - John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research
• Professor Jim Elliott - Neuromuscular Imaging Research Lab
• Professor Manuela Ferreira - Back Pain Research Group
• Professor Gemma Figtree (AM) - Cardiovascular Discovery Group
• Professor Lisa Harvey - John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research
• Professor Sarah Hilmer (AM) - Laboratory of Ageing and Pharmacology 
• Professor David Hunter - Osteoarthritis Research Team 
• Professor Chris Little - Raymond Purves Bone and Joint Research Lab
• Professor Gin Malhi - Academic Psychiatry and CADE Clinic
• Professor Lyn March (AM) - Rheumatology Department 
• Professor Mark Molloy - Bowel Cancer Research
• Professor Michael Nicholas - Pain Management Research Centre
• Professor Carol Pollock (AO) - Renal Research Team
• Professor Paul Glare - Pain Management Research Centre

“It is wonderful that so many of our researchers are among the world’s best, driving significant improvements in research and clinical care.”  

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