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Mark Schembri is a man of many talents, combining his passion for animals with helping women on their pregnancy journeys.

Mark is a graduate of both veterinary and medical science who works as an obstetrician at Royal North Shore Hospital and a vet for the Australian Turf Club.
Mark said he always had the goal of working across both animal and human medicine and an experience that his wife had during the birth of their second child inspired him to bring the dream to fruition.

I knew from a young age I always wanted to work across both human and animal medicine
Dr Mark Schembri

“It was the doctors who looked after my wife through her situation who inspired me to want to do the same and help other women,” he said.

Even though life as a doctor and vet can be busy, Mark still manages to make time for his wife and three children.

“I spend different days of my week working across human medicine and animal medicine with the horses, so I manage to get a fair bit of time with my family,” he said.

“I’m very lucky to have a very supportive wife and family who help me live a very fulfilling life.”

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