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Meet Mona Vale’s new JMOs

Mona Vale’s latest interns both agree that life as a junior doctor on the peninsula has got off to a great start.

It came as no surprise to Dr Tim Yee Joy, who had only heard good things about the facility before starting there three weeks ago.

"Before I knew I was at Mona Vale I was a bit nervous about starting as an intern," he said.

"My sister-in-law has been here before and she had great things to say about Mona Vale so I put it quite high on my preferences and so was very happy when I got it."

Dr John Pembroke echoed his colleagues sentiments, acknowledging the support from the multidisciplinary team had made the transition to life as an intern as smooth as possible.

"It’s a very relaxed environment; they look after us very well," John said.

"There’s a very good ratio of staff to patients, which is really good for us, we feel so well supported."



There’s a very good ratio of staff to patients, which is really good for us, we feel so well supported.
Dr John Pembroke, Junior Medical Officer

"The multidisciplinary care from the allied health and nursing teams gives us more time to chat with longer term patients."

Despite their enthusiasm for their newfound surroundings, both John and Tim were a bit more coy on enjoying the surrounding beaches and amenities.

"I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to the cold water so maybe I should have a swim while it’s still summer," Tim said.

"It is nice to look out over the golf course and the beach though," John said.

They are not the only new JMOs on the block though, with new registrars Robert Qiu and Annemarie Robertson also joining the team.

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