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Mona Vale hospital unveils outdoor gym

Mona Vale Hospital’s Outdoor Seniors Gym is offering a breath of fresh air to the community.

Addressing the heightened risk of falls and frailty in the ageing Australian population, the outdoor gym, which is supervised by physiotherapists, is transforming rehabilitation programs and enhancing community well-being.

Emphasising the crucial role of targeted exercise programs, including strengthening and balance activities, the initiative aims to prevent falls and reduce frailty-related health risks. The goal is for patients to gain confidence and motivation, continuing their exercise routines upon program completion.

Lorna, an 86-year-old with severe arthritis, has been using the gym and improved her balance.

“I really enjoy coming to the Fresh Air Fitness Classes in the Outdoor Seniors Gym. They are fun but challenging, and I love being outdoors.” She said.

Physiotherapist Tina Shimeld has observed positive changes in participants, citing Lorna’s infectious joy. 

“Lorna has been a very enthusiastic and energetic participant in the outdoor classes. Her positivity and joy are infectious,” she said. 

“She absolutely beams when she is outdoors and conquers challenging exercise tasks. She is very appreciative of the changes she has seen in her everyday life after attending the Fresh Air Fitness Classes.”

The construction of the Outdoor Seniors Gym was made possible through a grant from the NSLHD and NORTH Foundation Grants Program.

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