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NSLHD leader in electronic referrals

The Northern Sydney Health District has set the record for largest number of electronic referrals, processing over 9200 electronic referrals since August 2022, with 211 GP practices seamlessly adopting the e-referral systems.

Presently, two-thirds of practices have integrated electronic referrals into their workflows, with an impressive 97 percent of Healthlink software embedding the system for ease of use. Additionally, collaborative efforts with NSW e-Health are underway to develop integrations,insuring a more interconnected healthcare ecosystem. Almost 100 services are expected to be added in March elevating NSLHD’s outpatient services coverage to approximately 90 percent across the district boasting over 210 services available for e-referrals.

“I am very proud of the team, the service and all the staff. We are very positive about the system as its increased efficiency and coordination.” said Dr Irene Chen

Positive feedback has been received from both GPs and hospital staff, citing increased efficiency and improved workflow due to the eReferral system.
The benefits of electronic referrals extend beyond mere convenience. The system facilitates improved clinical information sharing, incorporates comprehensive patient medical history, and allows for the prompt resolution of issues. The portal provides a platform for better understanding of information, minimising time wastage, and enhancing overall patient care.

NSLHD’s commitment to digital integration aligns with its strategic plan to support digital integration across all care providers, including primary care and non-healthcare providers.

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