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NSLHD Consumer Forum returns

NSLHD Consumers Advisers were finally able to come together to hold the district’s 2022 Consumer Forum - an event which had been postponed for almost three years due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the peak of the pandemic behind us, the highly-successful event provided an opportunity for consumers across NSLHD to reflect on achievements over the last few years, participate in discussions and propose ideas for key priorities for consumer engagement for the future.

Consumers were provided with a number of presentations during the day on Virtual Health and Health Literacy, Patient Experience and Elevating the Human Experience, Consumer Perspectives, Engaging Consumers in Research Initiatives and Partnering with Consumers. A number of facilitated group discussions were also held with the consumer advisors that will help to discover themes that can be developed into actions.

Speaking at the forum Board Chair Trevor Danos AM said hearing the voices of consumers, understanding their needs and factoring them into strategic thinking is absolutely critical.

“I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Karen Filocamo, Chair of the NSLHD Consumer Board Committee, and the consumer advisors, for all their efforts to ensuring what we do aligns with consumer expectations and that patients and the patient’s voice remains at the very centre of all that we do,” he said. 

“A big thank you to Thelma De Lisser-Howarth and Kate Bokenham from the NSLHD Clinical Governance Unit for organising the Consumer Forum. I very much look forward to this retuning as an annual NSLHD event.”

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