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NSLHD launches long COVID service

NSLHD recently launched the Northern Sydney Long COVID Service (NSLCS).

The service will provide coordinated care for patients who are experiencing complex long COVID-19 symptoms at least three months since their initial COVID infection with no other explanation and require specialist medical, nursing and allied health support.

NSLCS is a multidisciplinary service that includes allied health, nursing and medical staff who can provide support virtually through Telehealth.

The service aims to provide specialised advice and support so that patients can comfortably manage their symptoms in the community with their GP.

Individuals who live in the NSLHD catchment area with suspected or confirmed long COVID-19 can be referred to the service by a GP or medical specialist. Individuals cannot self-refer.

Interim NSLHD Chief Executive Lee Gregory said the service is a big step forward for the district’s long term coronavirus response.

“NSLHD’s coronavirus response has been second to none over the past few years,” he said.

The addition of the NSLCS is another example of our commitment to helping the community navigate the complexity of the virus
Interim NSLHD Chief Executive Lee Gregory

“Thank you to everyone involved in getting this important service up and running, our community is going to benefit significantly from it.”

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