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HomeNewsNo Suppression Group named as NSW Health Award finalist

No Suppression Group named as NSW Health Award finalist

Paula Hanlon and the ‘No Suppression Group’ project has been named as a finalist in the ‘Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services Award’ in the NSW Health Awards.

This award recognises and showcases work in improving the quality and safety of mental health patient care within programs and services.

“I am so excited,” said Paula, Manager of Ryde Consumer Services who co-founded the group 13 years ago.

No Suppression brings together people with lived experience of mental health issues to share their creativity and build social connections. They currently meet monthly at Macquarie Hospital. 

“The group is about offering a safe space for people to share their creativity, whether it’s through poetry, music, art and comedy. We sometimes have joke offs — the longest joke-off we had went for 46 minute,” said Paula.

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