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Preventing Falls, One Step At A Time

Throughout April, various activities and information booths were established at Macquarie Hospital, Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai, Mona Vale, and Royal North Shore Hospital, engaging staff, patients, and the wider community. 

At Royal North Shore Hospital, Margaret Armstrong, NSLHD Falls Prevention Coordinator, and consumer representative Warren Nutt spearheaded a team to disseminate resources and information to patients, caregivers, and hospital staff. Hornsby Hospital also participated in the campaign with engaging activities and demonstrations, reinforcing the importance of fall prevention.

Mona Vale Hospital introduced weekly Falls Month initiatives, inviting staff, patients, and carers to participate in balance and strength tests every Monday in April. 

Macquarie Hospital hosted an inclusive ‘open day’ event on April 15, offering attendees various falls-related challenges and activities to foster education and community awareness. NSLHD further supports fall prevention efforts by providing accessible resources and tools online, encouraging healthcare professionals and community members to engage in promoting safety and preventing falls. 

To further support fall prevention efforts, NSLHD encourages accessing a range of resources available at These resources provide valuable information and tools to assist healthcare professionals and community members in preventing falls and promoting safety.

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