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Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre opens at Hornsby

Out with the old and in with the brand-new psychiatric emergency care centre (PECC) with staff delighted to be working in the unit. 

Having just opened, the PECC is a short stay mental health unit providing short stay assessment, close observation and treatment for stabilisation. 

Nursing Unit Manager Natasha Sharma said the new PECC has been designed by staff with patients’ needs at the core of the features. 

“You really can’t compare this brand-new unit to the former PECC,” Natasha said. 

“The new PECC is a modern mental health unit which has been fitted out with the latest in mental health equipment and furnishings. The well thought-out and extensively consulted upon plan has everything neatly organised, enabling a streamlined workflow – there is a designated spot for everything.” 

Most importantly for the community, there are now six beds compared to four previously, which allows improved access. 

 “A huge amount of effort (and many meetings) went into the selection of artwork and décor to create a calm environment with elements of nature,” Natasha said.

“My favourite spot is the outdoor courtyard, located off the consumer and family lounge. It is visible from the staff station and is a beautiful, safe outdoor space for consumers to rest and relax.” 

The new environment has already impressed patients and families who have given it the thumbs up.  

“The modern infrastructure and welcoming environment have already led to improved and efficient consumer outcomes, and it has been so rewarding to hear such positive feedback from patients and families,” Natasha said. 

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