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RNSH celebrates National Advance Care Planning Week

During National Advance Care Planning Week (18-24 March), people were encouraged to consider and express their healthcare preferences for the future. This initiative aimed to empower people to make decisions about their medical treatment in case they become incapacitated.

During this important week, Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) took proactive steps to facilitate discussions about advance care planning. On March 20, an information stand was set up in the hospital’s foyer, providing attendees with fact sheets tailored for both individuals and healthcare professionals. These resources were designed to prompt meaningful conversations and help individuals articulate their healthcare wishes.

“Advance care planning conversations are important conversations to have and can lead to better outcomes ,” said Kellie Cooper, Advance Care Planning Facilitator.

“As a nurse, I have cared for people and their loved ones at some difficult times. In my experience, families who have had these types of conversations were able to make decisions for their loved one aligned with their wishes and values. Families have told me knowing they were making a decision based on what their loved one wanted helped relieve the burden of the decision. As health professionals it’s equally as important to engage patients and carers in advance care planning conversations so we can better plan their goals of care.” 

While the event has passed, the importance of advance care planning remains. RNSH’s initiative continues to resonate, reminding individuals of the value of proactive planning and communication in ensuring that healthcare aligns with their preferences and values.

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