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RNSH diverting food waste from landfill

Royal North Shore Hospital has commenced efforts to divert food waste from landfill. 

The hospital is working with HealthShare and Veolia as part of its efforts and has seen substantial progress so far.

At the beginning of 2024, the hospital introduced an organic waste stream to collect food waste from kitchens and on-site food providers.
The hospital has embedded practice change within its kitchens. Food handlers are now placing food waste from the patient and retail kitchens into separate bins.

Currently, the organic waste is taken by Veolia to Soilco - a company that transforms organic waste into quality assured compost and mulch products.
Since the beginning of the project, the hospital has seen a five per cent increase in diversion when compared to the average diversion for RNSH in financial year 2022-23.  

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