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World Oral Health Day

Celebrations have been underway across NSLHD to celebrate World Oral Health Day.

World Oral Health Day is observed and celebrated every year on March 20 and this year’s theme was ‘A Happy Mouth is a Happy Body’.

The day was celebrated at RNSH and Hornsby Hospital across a variety of wards, with a focus on promoting the theme to paediatric patients by engaging with parents and caregivers.

NSLHD Clinical Director of Oral Health Service Dr Megan Ghaffari said the day is an important reminder to raise awareness about oral health.

“Your mouth is the gateway to your body,” she said.

“Neglecting oral health not only affects your teeth and gums but can also lead to serious health issues. Bacteria from your mouth can enter the body, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and various infections.”

For information about the oral health service and eligibility for free dental care, please visit

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