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World Social Work Day

Social workers at Royal North Shore Hospital recently came together to celebrate World Social Work Day on 21 March.

World Social Work Day is celebrated every year to acknowledge the contributions social workers make to communities around the world. This year’s there was ‘Respecting Diversity through Joint Social Action’.

RNSH Social Work Health Professional Educator Louise Finnegan said the day is an opportunity to bring light to the broad range of work social workers do.

“Social workers play a vital role to ensure a patient and their social system is considered when exploring options for health intervention and care planning,” she said.

“It’s great to have a day to recognise the work social workers do and particularly the work they do around this year’s theme of respecting diversity.

“Across the district our social workers consistently promote inclusion and embrace diversity, as well as focus on the strengths and abilities of people to make choices for their own lives.”

Staff were treated to a presentation by Lila Rhodes from ACON, NSW’s leading HIV and sexuality and gender diverse health organisation, followed by a lunch.

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