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April 16 marked the annual World Voice Day celebration.

World Voice Day aims to raise awareness for voice disorders such as dysphonia. 

Dysphonia can affect a range of individuals and can be as a result of:

  • Injury to the larynx (voice box) or laryngeal nerves following intubation or surgery
  • Tissue changes from reflux or vocal misuse
  • Neurological changes such as in stroke or degenerative diseases, following a laryngectomy 
  • Occupational voice use such as for teachers, barristers or auctioneers.

Royal North Shore Hospital Speech Pathologist Meagan Brown said World Voice Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness of dysphonia as well as educate those who may be suffering without knowing how to receive support for it.

It is important for us to use our voices to help those who are unable to
Royal North Shore Hospital Speech Pathologist Meagan Brown

“Dysphonia impacts approximately seven to nine per cent of children and five to six per cent of adults in their lifetime,” she said.

“Despite the prevalence of dysphonia, not everyone knows about what it is and how they can get support and treatment for it.

Royal North Shore Hospital runs a district wide voice and swallow clinic that occurs three times a month with both speech pathologists and an ear, nose and throat doctor.

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