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Zero falls for Ryde Hospital's Ward Three

Ryde Hospital’s orthopaedic and surgical Ward Three is working hard to sustain its zero falls record for nine weeks.

Off the back of a continued increase in falls from January to June this year and a spike in falls resulting in serious injury, Ward Three Nursing Unit Manager Janelle Cahill and the team came together to work out what needed to be done and what would work best to prevent falls in the ward.

"Some of the measures include coming together at the start of the shift and identifying patients who are at a higher risk of falls," Janelle said.

"Staff work out a plan of how they will best care for these patients such as tag teaming and asking for help early if needed, especially after hours support."

High risk patients are also discussed at the daily multidisciplinary team meeting where medical and allied health are made aware of our high risk falls patients.

Janelle said this assists in ensuring a combined effort is made on falls prevention for all staff working on the ward.

The staff are putting in a huge amount of effort and are really focused on it, and it’s a great feeling for all of us ticking off the board with zero falls at the end of the day.
Janelle Cahill, Ward Three NUM

Director of Nursing Drew Hilditch-Roberts said the team has worked really hard to put new processes in place to sustain zero falls.

"When there’s already so much happening in the ward, it’s such a great achievement," he said.

"We also achieved zero falls for the entire facility in the first week of July this year.

"It’s an amazing effort and I’m really proud of the team."

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