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Meet the latest recruits to NSLHD’s COVID-19 contact tracing team. 

Arlita and Kara (pictured) are just two of 17 health promotion staff who have been deployed to the cause.

In recent months the health promotion team has been busy adapting existing programs and creating new ways to support the health and wellbeing of the community during lockdown. But when the call came from the Public Health Unit to work on the COVID ‘front line’ they overwhelmingly put their hands up.

Health Promotion Director Paul Klarenaar said: “Contact tracing is a crucial part of our health system response to COVID. 

“It is an exhausting process but our Health Promotion team have been very willing to join colleagues from across the LHD to help limit the spread of COVID.

“Ultimately it has been a rewarding experience for the team.” 

Public Health Unit contact tracing lead Rachel Wilkins has appreciated the extra hands on deck and also the positive attitude shown by the team.

The delightful attitude of the staff has really contributed to the team spirit in the Public Health Unit.
Public Health Unit contact tracing lead Rachel Wilkins

“We also appreciate the distance support and work the service is doing to keep Health Promotion afloat with so many staff absent.”  

Lower COVID-19 positive case numbers and the easing of restrictions means the Health Promotion team can look forward to getting back to what they do best – working face-to-face with local government, schools and the community to keep the whole population healthy. 

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