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Meet the team helping NSLHD improve youth friendliness

Empowering young people in their health choices is a key aspect of delivering a high standard of care and improving community health.

At NSLHD, there’s a whole team of young people (pictured on the front cover) consulting the district on youth-friendly service delivery, initiatives and resources.

Since its inception 21 years ago, the NSLHD Quality Award-winning Youth Health Promotion team has amplified the voice and actions of local young people.

This input enhances NSLHD services and initiatives that support the health and wellbeing of adolescents and young adults as the team of twelve diverse young people aged 15-24 share their unique perspective.

The team’s initiatives cover a broad range of hot-button issues for young people including healthy relationships, mental health support, smoking prevention, and food access for young people at risk of homelessness.

Charlotte, 16, is a local high school student and has been working as a youth consultant for the last two years.

It’s so important to have the input of young people in the planning and delivery of health promotion initiatives and services they interact with so they’re more accessible and genuine.
Youth consultant Charlotte

Finn, 20, is a uni student and advocate for young LGBT people.

“It’s always important to promote inclusivity and diversity to make sure that the needs of everyone are recognised and met,” he said.

“Often, the needs and voices of young people are forgotten, which is why it’s important to consult young people on issues affecting them.”  

For more information or to book a free consultation go to Youth Friendly Consultations - NSLHD or email [email protected]

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