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New mental health online toolkit launched

A new online toolkit supporting mental health recovery and wellbeing was recently launched at Macquarie Hospital.

Let’s Talk About Voices is an online toolkit which features a series of videos and worksheets to help people explore, navigate and learn about the voice hearing experience.

A total of seven videos and worksheets were developed by the NSLHD Specialist Rehabilitation Service over a period of three years.

Senior Specialist Rehabilitation Clinician Haylee Zink, who worked on the development of the toolkit, said the toolkit will enable consumers to improve the relationship with their voices and develop strategies for coping with them.

“The vision of the project was to make psychological approaches that support the voice hearing experience more readily available and accessible to all,” she said.

“This online toolkit is targeted towards voice hearers who wish to further explore their experiences and opportunities to manage these, as well as supporting workers, families and carers."

Haylee said the toolkit was developed in line with the NSLHD Mental Health Drug and Alcohol (MHDA) Declaration and Statement of Intention, which states that the service will ‘strive to support each person’s unique journey of recovery in a humane way that fosters hope, purpose and resilience.’

“As we continually work towards the NSLHD MHDA Declaration and Statement of Intention, we are hopeful that this resource is a practical, tangible example of meaningful action and change,” she said.

It moves us beyond a medical model and symptom reduction approach as the toolkit supports one to better understand, make sense of and live with voices
Senior Specialist Rehabilitation Clinician Haylee Zink

“I would like to thank everyone who was involved in helping bring this to life - Lyndal Sherwin, Kirralee Hall, Dr Stephanie Bradstock, consumers, peer workers and all the creative teams.” 

Interim Chief Executive Lee Gregory said the toolkit is a great reflection of NSLHD’s values and is a great example of our how NSLHD innovation grants can make a difference across the district.

“This toolkit closely aligns with NSLHD’s values and mission of delivering excellent healthcare and wellbeing,” he said.

“It’s wonderful to see the innovation grants progress to help bring incredible projects like this to fruition a truly valuable resource for our consumers.”

The online toolkit can be found at:

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