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HomeNewsMona Vale goes solar

Mona Vale Hospital is going green as part of a state-wide initiative to improve energy efficiency at hospitals.

A rooftop solar energy system has been fitted to the newest inpatient building at the hospital.

The new building is due to be completed in September and will accommodate a dedicated inpatient palliative care unit and an inpatient geriatric medical unit.

Acting General Manager Jennifer Parkin said this was the first building at MVH to be equipped with a solar PV system.

We are excited to have solar panels installed on the new building which has been designed to maximise exposure to the north and capture the sun.
Acting General Manager, Jennifer Parkin

“Hospitals are operational around the clock so they naturally consume lots of energy. By having solar panels, we can reduce our carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.”

Other recent infrastructure additions at the hospital include the inpatient rehabilitation unit, inpatient drug and alcohol unit, support services building, helipad, urgent care centre, and community health services building.

Excavation and preconstruction works are also underway for the introduction of a new ambulance station – due to be completed next year.

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