GRACE provides in-reach support to HKH ED, fracture clinic and inpatient wards and outreach service to RACFS (Residential aged care facilities) for deteriorating patients assessment, the main services are outlined as following:

In-reach support:

  • Liaise with RACFs to streamline the need for a HKH ED admission by providing phone consultation for rapid patient assessment before patients’ arrival to ED.
  • GRACE facilitated ED admission for patients who has single system injury and is likely to be discharged following ED assessment, e.g post-fall assessment
  • Coordinate and organise fracture clinic follow-up appointments
  • Follow up with orthopaedic inpatient discharges for wound review, follow-up x-ray and x-ray report review

Outreach services: 

  • Rapid phone triage assessment for older people who residing in a RACF experiencing a new medical, functional and cognitive decline who are at risk of hospitalisation
  • One-off wound consultation
  • Trouble shooting and change of tubes and drains
  • RACF capacity building
  • Coordinate and organise RACF patients HKH medical imaging appointments

The GRACE will expand its service to include older people aged 70 and over living at their private homes from Oct 2019.



  • Residing in a RACF within the Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai Local Government Areas
  • At risk of hospitalisation due to acute illness or functional decline


Refer by phoning the mobile numbers or phone number listed

For non-urgent wound reviews, please address the wound referral letter to the email address:
[email protected]

Urgent cases

For urgent referrals, please call the mobile numbers listed above

Other Information

Heath Contact Centre APAC (IV antibiotics/Iron infusion/anticoagulation monitoring) referral, please call 1300 732 503

Dementia Support Australia (Behavioural and Psychological symptoms of dementia) please call 1800 699 799

Older People’s Mental Health Service, please call 1800 011 511

Hammond Care (Palliative Care Outreach Team), please call 9998 3600/1800 427 255

Poisons Helpline (Overdose and medication errors), please call 13 11 26

National Home Doctors Service (After Hours Medical Services), please call 13 74 25

Extended Care Paramedics (Assessment for non-urgent hospital avoidance), please call 131 233

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Service address:
Division of Rehabilitation and Aged Care,
Old Leighton Lodge (Building 8), Level 3, Gate 5
Derby Road, Hornsby

Postal address:
Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital
Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital, 

How to find us: Enter hospital at Gate 5, Derby Rd, Hornsby, 2077

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Mon-Fri 07:30am-18:00pm (Except public holidays)
Sat 08:30-17:00pm

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Phone: 02 9485 6552 (GRACE) or 9477 9123 and page:52539

Mobile: 0434 183 549 (GRACE CNC) or 0428 962 718 (GRACE RN)

EMAIL: [email protected]