To refer

A valid GP or Specialist referral is required for all services provided in this clinic – please visit your GP for an assessment if you feel a referral may be required. If you are a GP or Specialist wishing to make a referral, please use the below contacts.

Patients currently on our clinic waitlist are experiencing long waits which are not clinically desirable. For a period of time while the Clinic meet the needs of these patients, the acceptance of new patient referrals will be limited to the following criteria.

Patients with:

  • spinal cord injuries
  • mobility impairments, and with
  • special needs, including medical, mental or psychological difficulties.

Routine referrals: Fax a GP referral letter addressed to Dr Justin Vass and Associates to (02) 9463 1065, or send via email to [email protected]

Urgent cases

If you are a GP or Specialist and feel your patient may require an urgent referral, please phone the RNSH switchboard on 02 9926 7111 and ask for the Urology Registrar on call or ask the patient to present to our Emergency Department. The following conditions should be immediately referred to the Emergency Department:

  • Poorly controlled renal of ureteric colic
  • Acute painful urinary retention
  • Urinary tract trauma
  • Urinary tract septicaemia
  • Acute painful scrotum 
  • Paraphimosis

Mandatory referral information

Referral must include patient details, provision diagnosis, finding/treatment to date, how this affects patient, significant medical history and any relevant social information.

Referrals with insufficient information will be returned to the GP until further information is provided to the clinic.

Exclusion criteria

We do not see paediatric patients under the age of 16. Paediatric patients can be seen at Sydney Children's Hospital.

NSLHD consultant referral options

The Urological surgeons that work at RNSH all  have private rooms. Patients can be referred to private rooms which usually have a shorter waiting period. From the rooms patients still have access to the public system for procedures at no out of pocket costs. There may be an out of pocket cost for the consultation at the private rooms.

Consultant Location of private rooms
Venu Chalasani

107/69 Christie St, St Leonards. Ph: 9439 1301, Fax: 9439 2607

Suite 603, 20 Bungan St, Monal Vale. PH 9979 5122 Fax 9979 6521

Enzo Lazzaro

22 Fisher Rd Dee Why; and North Shore Private Hospital, St Leonards

Ph: (02) 9982 4477, Fax: (02) 9982 3355

Krishan Rasiah

834 Pittwater Rd Dee Why; and Level 4, 69 Christie St St Leonards

Ph: (02) 9439 8867, Fax: (02) 9982 8650

Justin Vass107/69 Christie St, St Leonards. Ph: (02) 9439 3899, Fax: (02) 9439 2199
​Matt Winter​107/69 Christie St, St Leonards. Ph: 8317 3034
Michael Wines

Suite 406, 185 Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga

Ph: 99473 8765  Fax: 9053 6719

​Amanda Chung​Suite 406, 185 Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga. PH: 9051 2406 Fax: 9051 2407

Out of Area Referrals

The clinic provides services to patients living within the Northern Sydney Local Health District. Exceptions to this are outlined below.

​Resident of Northern Sydney Local Health District Catchment

​Referral from other specialist, for specialist opinion​Yes
Resident of other LHD that DOES NOT provide the clinical service e.g. rural, outer metro​Yes, but service or problem needs to be documented on referral
​Continuing care of existing condition we already manage​Yes, provided existing or related condition documented on referral
​Demonstrated complexity requiring services of RNS hospital Ambulatory Care CentreYes but must be explicitly documented on referral
​Compassionate circumstances (e.g. family proximity, staff)​Yes but must be explicitly documented on referral
​Resident of other LHD/hospital that offers the service

​Refer to your local LHD/hospital for ease of patient access in first instance

Alternate Urology Outpatient Clinics

Concord Hospital Urology Clinic                             9767 6410
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Urology Clinic          9515 7774
Westmead Hospital Urology Clinic                         8890 6544
St Vincent's Hospital Urology Clinic                        8382 1111   
Blacktown Hospital Urology Clinic                          9881 8421
Liverpool Hospital Urology Clinic                            8738 4388
Prince of Wales Hospital Urology Clinic                 9382 2222
Gosford Hospital Urology Clinic                              4320 2111

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